Pre-Professional Dance Program

Progression into the Pre-Professional Program depends on the skill of the dancer and their ability to consistently demonstrate the correct alignment and placement that strong technique demands to move efficiently and safely. Students must be a minimum of 11 years of age or older and must have experience in classical ballet, a style of dance strongly rooted in tradition and discipline and that places an emphasis on lines of the body, precise footwork, and artistically expressive positions of the arms. While studying at the Intermediate through Advanced levels, students are also required to supplement training with Jazz and Contemporary Dance. Jazz is a style of dance that finds its roots in ballet, but was enhanced by musical trends, social dances, and the popularization of dance through movies and musicals. It can be percussive with intricate rhythm patterns or fluid with emotional intensity. These classes place an emphasis on isolating body parts, increased flexibility, and exhibition of individual personality. Contemporary Dance utilizes a modern dance syllabus including floor work and improvisation. The study of all of these styles creates versatile, strong, and expressive artists. It is during these levels of study that they have the option of auditioning for acceptance into the company as a student artist.

Intermediate – Advanced Ballet

During these levels of training students can expect longer classes, multiple classes per week, possible placement on pointe, and a demanding, rigorous pursuit of artistry. Faculty recommendation required for this class.

Pointe | age 12+

Maintaining proper alignment as the difficulty of the syllabus progresses is the key to success in ballet. With the addition of pointe shoes, this becomes crucial to safety and ease of movement. Several ‘tests’ will be required of the student to pass in order to be approved for pointe work.

Intermediate – Advanced Jazz and Contemporary

Students are required to take ballet in addition to these classes. These classes are mandatory for students interested in performing with the company as a student artist. Faculty recommendation required for this class.

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