Rules & Dress Code

The dress code is important because it allows the teachers to view alignment and positioning of the body to prevent injury and perfect the lines created. The students feel like dancers when they are dressed like dancers, and this creates a feeling of unity among the dancers. We do enforce our dress code and studio rules, so please send your child dressed appropriately for class and make sure they are aware of the below guidelines.

Class-specific Guidelines

  • Girls’ Ballet — Flesh-toned tights, black leotard (any style), flesh-toned ballet shoes. Pointe shoes professionally fitted at a dance wear store for students who have been approved by ballet faculty to start pointe classes. (Intermediate/Advanced students are allowed to wear leotards of any color or style.)
  • Boys’ Ballet — White t-shirt and black tights or bike shorts, and appropriate shoes listed above.
  • Jazz and Contemporary — Black jazz pants (any length or style), any color of leotard, black jazz shoes (no jazz sneakers). Bare feet for contemporary.

For All Classes

  • NO skirts, legwarmers, t-shirts, sweatshirts, or any cover-up should be worn in class unless teacher specifically permits it due to temperature of classroom or an injury that needs special attention.
  • Do not purchase leotards with skirts attached.
  • No bearing of mid-riff in any class.
  • DO NOT wear panties underneath tights or leotards.

Hair Guidelines

  • Hair should be worn in a bun, French twist, or any style where hair is secured to head.
  • For short hair, secure hair away from face with headband or clips.
  • If you need instruction of how to do a bun, faculty will be happy to show you.

Appropriate Conduct

  • No running or horseplay in lobby area or restrooms.
  • No food or drink in dance studios. Please keep the common areas clean by kindly disposing of all trash in trashcans. If there is a continuous, excessive amount of trash left in common areas or outside the building, all food and drinks (other than water) will be banned.
  • No foul language or yelling allowed inside building or studios.
  • Students are asked to stay inside while waiting for their ride.
  • Metamorphosis reserves the right to dismiss or expel a student for continuous violation of academy rules, classroom etiquette, or dress code.
  • Metamorphosis reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment.
  • Leave valuables at home. Metamorphosis is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • Attend class regularly. Missing a lesson hinders progress. If absences get excessive, student will be placed in a lower level or taken out of annual demonstration.
  • No parents or siblings allowed inside the studio during the instruction time. Observation windows will be opened for ten minutes at the end of each class. However, if it becomes a distraction to the students the blinds will be closed.
  • Please wear cover-ups over your dance clothes to and from class. Dance shoes should be worn only in the studio areas and lobby, and street shoes are not allowed inside studios. This helps keep students shoes in the best condition possible, and it protects our floors from excess dirt and damage.

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