Early Dance Education Program

We believe that studying dance fosters miraculous changes in children as they explore the capabilities of their minds and bodies. Every student is unique and deserving of individualized training, which is why we maintain small classes and invest in each child. We desire our students to feel a sense of accomplishment when they take class and enjoy the milestones of each level. The most important work is accomplished during the early years of dance. If laid correctly, the foundation can lead to a joyful pursuit of the art. It is at this time that correct alignment and placement of the body should be a priority of the teacher so that the student is set up to have an injury-free, achievement-filled experience in dance. We employ only teachers with extensive knowledge and understanding of how the body works and that can apply these principals through the well-established tradition of ballet.

Pre-Ballet Study | ~ age 3 – 6

As students begin their study of dance, the Pre-Ballet Study exposes them to both ballet and creative movement. This class places an emphasis on social discipline, fine and gross motor skills, musicality, and building the self-esteems of happy, healthy children. Creative expression and exploring the imagination are key to creating a love of dance that will last a lifetime.

Youth Ballet | ~ age 7 – 13

Our Youth Ballet classes are based on classical ballet, which is a style of dance strongly rooted in tradition and discipline. It places an emphasis on lines of the body, precise footwork, and artistically expressive positions of the arms. Proper placement and alignment of the body are crucial to the study of dance, and are the primary emphasis during the early years of ballet training.

  • Level A: ages 7 – 8; meets once a week
  • Level B: ages 9 – 10; meets twice a week
  • Level C: ages 11 – 13; meets twice a week; have successfully mastered the syllabus requirements of Level B

Level promotion is achieved through mastery of the syllabus. The syllabus is designed for a student to remain at the same level for at least 2 years. It is very important during these early years for students to feel a sense of mastery and achievement in a level before moving up to more challenging work. Once they meet the levels of B and C students have the opportunity to meet twice a week to reinforce and strengthen their technical foundation. Also, during these levels it is common for some students to progress quickly through the syllabus and require further study to challenge them. We assess each student on an individual basis and class promotion is never withheld because of age.

Youth Jazz | ~ age 9 – 10

Students in Youth Ballet are encouraged to take multiple classes a week and to supplement their training with Youth Jazz. Jazz is a style of dance that finds its roots in ballet, but was enhanced by musical trends, social dances, and the popularization of dance through movies and musicals. It can be percussive with intricate rhythm patterns or fluid with emotional intensity. These classes place an emphasis on isolating body parts, increased flexibility, and exhibition of individual personality.

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